Susan Dennard returns for UK tour in 2024

Event details


Tickets are now on sale for Susan Dennard's UK tour from 26 May - 1 June.

The tour brings Dennard to the UK to celebrate both The Lumiaries and The Hunting Moon releases ahead of the conclusion, The Whispering Dark, coming out in October. Dennard will visit four locations across the UK with more event to be announced.

You can book your tickets now at a venue near you:

  • Monday 27 May - Waterstones Piccadilly with Elizabeth May and chaired by Daphne Tonge, 7:30 PM - book now
  • Tuesday 28 May - Toppings Bath with ST Gibson and chaired by Lucy Holland, 7:00 PM - book now
  • Wednesday 29 May - Waterstones Liverpool with ST Gibson, 7:00 PM - book now
  • Thursday 30 May - Toppings Edinburgh with ST Gibson, 7:30 PM - book now
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