Signed bookplate editions of Shadow King trilogy available

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Forbidden Planet now stock signed bookplate editions of all three Bride of the Shadow King books by Sylvia Mercedes.

Available online, you can now purchase the first two books in Sylvia Mercedes' romantasy trilogy, while also preordering the final instalment for release on 9 January 2024.

For fans of The Bridge Kingdom and A Deal with the Elf King, this sweeping tale of love and betrayal is equal blends sweet and spice.

A shunned princess.

A reluctant king.

A marriage that could save both their kingdoms . . . but destroy their hearts.

Though she is the oldest daughter, Princess Faraine lives in the background, shunned from court and kept out of sight. Her chronic illness makes her a liability to the crown, and she has learned to give place to her beautiful, favored younger sister in all things.

When the handsome and enigmatic Shadow King comes seeking a bride, Faraine is not surprised that her sister is his choice. Though not eager to take a human bride, King Vor is willing to do what is necessary for the sake of his people. When he meets the lively Princess Ilsevel, he quickly agrees to a marriage arrangement. So why can't he get the haunting eyes of her older sister out of his head?

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