Daphne Press serves up food-based epic fantasy from Ryan Rose

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Daphne Press has scooped Seven Recipes For Revolution, pitched as The Bear meets Attack on Titan.

In this exhilarating, food-based epic fantasy filled with high stakes and monster steaks, an aspiring chef accidentally creates a new magic recipe and leverages it for his dream apprenticeship—only to find himself embroiled in a rebellion.

Commissioning Editor Davi Lancett acquired UK & Commonwealth (ex. Canada) rights from Harry Illingworth at DHH Literary Agency. Daphne Press will publish in hardback and ebook in July 2025.

Lancett says “From the start, Seven Recipes felt fresh and exciting. Stories like The Bear and The Menu have shone a spotlight on the drama of haute cuisine, and the questions it raises about class and obsession. This book takes those themes and adds huge-scale action, a really enjoyable magic system, and a wonderful sense of discovery to combine into something you won’t want to miss.”

Rose comments “I am simmering with excitement to work with Daphne Press on my debut novel, Seven Recipes for Revolution. From its inception, Seven has been a book that hoped to challenge what fantasy means. There are no horses, no knights; no moors, no castles. This is a story of chefs and kaiju; deserts and rebellious queers who eat the rich. Davi and the team at Daphne Press didn’t just understand that, they knew how to improve it—and of course they did. Daphne’s vision from Illumicrate to Press has challenged the publishing status quo. It should be no surprise this team is already changing what fantasy means, too. I hope you’ll join us for this delectable treat.”

Originally published on The Bookseller

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